Fun for Kids

w_GraceHarryN6S teaches kids  responsible riding, firearms safety, and teamwork.   N6S has clinics, practices, and lots of willing coaches to help your buckaroo have a whooping good time! “Wranglers” (up to age 11) start with lead-line and progress to riding the same courses as the adults! Wranglers aim cap pistols to engage balloons. w_Balloon Runners

w_MannykidTeddyOlder wranglers (10-11) shoot real guns from the ground. At age 12, kids shoot from horseback. Some of the best mounted shooters in the country are under 20!  If you’re not quite ready, we have exhibition runs that help horse & rider teams acclimate themselves to the competition atmosphere.

Balloon runners make our game GO!  We recruit and pay youth groups + tips.  Contact Steve if your group is in the competition area and is interested!