Getting Started

Equipment starts with a horse (of course), two .45 caliber single action revolvers, holsters, and basic cowboy wear (boots, western long sleeve shirt, chaps or chinks over jeans, and a hat or helmet.)  N6S is there to help connect “tenderfeet” with “old hands” to try, find, and share stuff to get you going!  Contact Jane for more information.

Cindy & LexiCosts: The Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association sanctions our matches and you must be a member to compete.  2017 CMSA membership is $70 for an Individual, $100 for a Family, or $35 for an Associate (see CMSA web site for details).

Joining the Northeast Six Shooters helps us help you!  We work as a team, electing leaders to help us run great events, improve as riders, and grow the sport. 2017 membership costs are $30 Individual, $20 Wrangler, or $50 Family.

Competition Fees cover arena rental, ammunition, balloons, prizes, and operating costs. Typical fees for 4-Stage Shoots is ~$70, but that varies by club, location, and occasion.

Mikayla & Phoenix

Training: N6S Clinics are a great way to start!  Clinics cost  ~$100 using “buddy” horses, hay, and ear plugs to help your pony over the “jitters”.  We teach you gun safety & handling, using ground fire to experience weight, sound, and recoil.  So far, 6 of 7 horses end up doing live fire when we’re done!

We hold regular Practices that reinforce training, offer Exhibition runs at matches to help you overcome “game day” excitement, and occasionally host advanced clinics with mounted shooting professionals when you’re ready for more!