Event Information:

  • Fri

    Lessons with Lee Helms

    11:00 amGilford, NH

    Please let Lee know if you are planning on participating in a lesson on May 13 at Lakes Region Riding Academy, 26 Young Rd, Gilford, NH: or 704-791-9001.

    Lee will be running a “continuous lesson” starting at 11am on Friday and ending at 6pm. When you arrive you can warm your horse up, sign into the lesson with the time you start and work with Lee for as long as you want, and then sign out the time you leave and then paying by the hour for your lesson.

    The advantages to this is that Lee doesn’t have to worry about watching the clock and running over and having to push the next lessons back 15, 20 30 minutes, for the rider there is no concern of “man if I’d only had another run I could have gotten it”. You get to choose how long your lesson is and when you and your horse or your wallet have had enough. Additionally, you can take a break for an hour or more and come back and do another hour. Lee will switch the pattern being run approximately every hour, depending on the needs of the participants. Many of us have experienced Lee very capably teach across levels in a lesson.

    Pricing will be: $15 ring fee/rider, $45/hour ($60 for the first hour, 45 for each additional hour).

    Ammo will be your responsibility. For insurance purposes only club ammo may be used. Club amma will be available for purchase in bags of 50 for $25.

    Coaching at the matches that weekend is also available at $25/day.

    If anyone is available to be at Gilford for 10am on Friday, we could use some help with set up.

    Contact Beth Higgins with any questions.