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NE Six Shooters Cowboy Mounted Shooting

 It's Fair Season!

Come see us at the Hopkinton (NH) State Fair on Friday, Sep 5 and the Hillsboro County Fair in New Boston, NH on Saturday, Sep 12. Both events start at 5 pm.

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Oct 2-4 – CMSA Northeast Regional Championship at Falls Creek Farm, Oneco, CT. Registration and payment are due by Sep 18

Cowboy Luke says...

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Cowboy Mounted Shooting is the fastest, family horse sport around!

Riders shoot balloons from horseback, testing their speed, accuracy & control. Real .45 caliber single-action revolvers use blanks to pop balloons.

Riders change guns while riding to engage all 10 targets.

We run matches in 4-6 stages; each stage uses one of 60+ courses; each course has five “random” (skill) & five “rundown” (speed) targets. Run times ~30 seconds (max 60), after we add penalties. Low time wins!

Riders compete in divisions with special rules for younger riders. Winners have the opportunity to advance. Overall winners take home bragging rights (until next time!)


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